A Little About Us

Spoonful of Sauerkraut

Learn how we became the world's largest producer of sauerkraut and the secrets to our brand's fresh taste.

A Family Business That Is The World's Largest Producer of Sauerkraut

We've been making sauerkraut since 1900. That's when brothers Dave and Henry Flanagan started Flanagan Brothers in Bear Creek, Wisconsin. After a number of mergers within the sauerkraut industry, Great Lakes Kraut Company LLC was created in 1997. The company now has sauerkraut manufacturing facilities in Bear Creek, Wisconsin and Shortsville, New York—the finest cabbage growing areas in the world! By maintaining a commitment to quality, freshness and exceptional taste our company has grown to become the largest sauerkraut manufacturer in the world! Great Lakes Kraut Company, LLC was renamed GLK Foods, LLC in 2010. This change aligns with our strategy to bring innovative products to market beyond sauerkraut.

A History of Innovation

GLK Foods, LLC was the first manufacturer to use stainless steel vats, vacuum systems for loading and unloading tanks, and high-speed Hassia machines to simultaneously form our poly bags and fill them. Every year GLK Foods, LLC processes more than 170,000 tons of raw cabbage into more than 125,000 tons of sauerkraut. Using innovative, state-of-the-art farming and processing methods helps us ensure the quality, freshness, and crispness of every ounce of sauerkraut we produce.

Committed To Giving Consumers Choice and Convenience

To satisfy consumer demand for variety in their foods, GLK Foods, LLC offers a choice of sauerkraut "tastes". Today our product line includes Silver Floss Traditional for a tart and tangy taste sensation. Silver Floss Bavarian style is made with a hint of caraway for a sweet and mild accent. For a crisp and cool side dish, we offer our refrigerated Krrrrisp Kraut in both Traditional and Bavarian styles. We were also the first to offer a 100% organic sauerkraut, our Cortland Valley Organic brand. For added convenience, our brands are available in a wide variety of portion sizes and containers (glass jars, cans and poly bags).

GLK Foods Commercial division supplies sauerkraut to a growing number of private label, food service and institutional customers as well as food manufacturers. GLK Foods, LLC facilities are also certified to produce kosher products under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the world's leading kosher supervision agency.