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GLK Foods

For over 100 years, we’ve been proud to offer market-leading brands like Silver Floss®, Flanagan, and Cortland Valley® , as well as innovative new products like OH SNAP!®. Let us know what you think.

Forward thinking. Great taste.

Many unique brands, same high standard of quality.

GLK Foods is all about delivering innovative products in consumer friendly packaging. State-of-the-art facilities, select ingredients, and a relentless focus on quality ensure consumer delight. Explore all of our brands and see what sets GLK Foods apart.
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Silver Floss® Kraut

Superior quality for every consumer.

Non-GMO, gluten-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and delicious. Is there anything kraut can’t do? Shredded to perfection and traditionally tart, this true super food is available in shelf stable cans, refrigerated poly bags, and jars. It also comes in Bavarian style for a sweeter/milder taste.

Flanagan Kraut

Incredible Kraut, Since 1900

For over 4 generations, Flanagan Kraut has delivered the unforgettable flavors that come with kraut done right, and now, thanks to its versatility and crisp texture, Flanagan Kraut is a terrific addition to any dish that needs a flash of fermented flavor.

Cortland Valley® Kraut

Healthy, Fresh, On-Trend.

Tart, zesty, and a nutrient powerhouse, kraut is a classic topping on favorite sandwiches and sausages. But, with its complex flavor profile, the options for kraut are endless! Cortland Valley® Kraut packs big flavor for traditional and trending recipes alike in a convenient, refrigerated bag designed to preserve crispness.

Saverne® Kraut

From the field to you.

Small-batch, handcrafted kraut is wowing people with its on-trend flavors: CRAFT BEER, CURTIDO, SRIRACHA, DILL & GARLIC, BAVARIAN, and ORGANIC. Enjoy all the delicious goodness in refrigerated stand-up pouches or shelf stable jars.

visit the Saverne® website

OH SNAP!® Pickled Veggies

Not your ordinary snack.

Our line of single-serve options combine ultimate convenience and great taste. These refrigerated pickles and pickled veggies are perfect with a meal or as a quick snack.

visit the OH SNAP!® website
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GLK meets customer demands, consults on menu items, innovates new products, and stays on pace with emerging trends.
GLK has Level 2 SQF Certification.