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Is your sauerkraut fermented?
Yes. All of our sauerkraut products are naturally fermented using the simple process of adding salt to fresh, raw cabbage.

Does your sauerkraut contain probiotics?
Yes. All of our sauerkraut products contain natural probiotics which are necessary to maintain good digestive health.

Is your sauerkraut gluten-free?
Yes. All of our sauerkraut is gluten-free including Saverne Craft Beer where we use a gluten-free beer.

Are any of your sauerkraut products pasteurized?
We do not consider any of our products to be pasteurized. Our cans and glass jars require a minimal heat process to halt the fermentation from taking place in the container which could damage and deform the package. Because this heat process is very limited, it is not a pasteurization process. Once the can or jar is opened, the bacteria can rejuvenate and when consumed, will activate and create a probiotic benefit. The sauerkraut and brine that we use in our refrigerated stand-up pouches and poly bags are never heated and are packaged using a cold-fill process. With that, the number of probiotic bacteria present are significant.

Should sauerkraut be refrigerated once opened?
Yes. We recommend refrigerating any opened container of sauerkraut to ensure the best product quality.

How long is sauerkraut good for once opened?
We recommend that any opened containers of sauerkraut are used or consumed within 7-10 days to ensure the best product quality. The product may be held longer but the quality attributes will decrease over time.

Can you freeze sauerkraut?
Yes, you can. Once the sauerkraut has thawed, you may notice a slight change in texture and flavor. If you do choose to freeze sauerkraut, we recommend not freezing more than two months. When repackaging your sauerkraut, regardless of its original container, be sure that it is sealed airtight. As air seeps in, the sauerkraut undergoes an oxidation where it can turn brown, lose texture, and develop an off taste and aroma.

Can sauerkraut be eaten directly from the container without being heated?
Yes. All of our sauerkraut is ready to eat right out of the container.

What are cooking directions if I prefer my sauerkraut heated?
Microwave: Empty contents into microwave safe container and cover. Heat 1-2 minutes. Stir and serve.
Conventional Stove: Empty contents into saucepan. Heat to simmer. Stir and serve.

Lactic acid is listed as an ingredient in your organic sauerkraut. Is this plant-based or dairy- based?
The lactic acid in our organic sauerkraut is plant-based. All of our sauerkraut products are vegan.

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