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Whether you are looking for innovative menu development or on-trend grab ‘n go snacks, we offer products designed to bring excitement and differentiation to any foodservice operation.

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Seize the power of fermentation.

A true super-food, kraut is a healthy and delicious way to add excitement to any menu’s offerings. From quick serve to fast casual, it’s easy to incorporate kraut into many recipes or serve as a tasty topping. And, at less than 10 cents per ounce, kraut is a profit-generator with an extended shelf life that makes it easy to keep on-hand.

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Pickled Red Onions

Just the right amount of sweetness.

Saverne® Pickled Red Onions are produced from fresh, non-GMO, naturally fat-free and gluten-free onions, pickled to perfection at an allergy-free facility. From sandwich toppings to side dishes to garnishes, this vibrant, delicious product makes a flavorful addition to your menu.

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Let’s create a buzz.

New, fresh menu items can inspire priceless word-of-mouth and encourage more frequent visits, especially when they feature healthy and exciting ingredients. Our expert chefs collaborate with you to custom-design new and exciting menu items. Team up with us to create your next masterpiece; the one that brings diners back for more. Call us or email [email protected].


These recipes are brilliant.

Do you love versatile ingredients? GLK Foods’ products go beyond deliciousness. They are crisp, healthy, and adaptable in so many dishes, from appetizers and soups to main dishes and desserts. Review the recipes below, view instructional videos from a professional chef, and imagine the dynamic impact they could have on your menu and reputation.

Kraut Substitutions

Get healthy kraut into meals.

Yes, kraut is known as a classic topping on sausages and burgers. But, foodservice pros can also serve it as a side-dish or a key ingredient in a recipe. Here are some fun ways to substitute kraut into everyday meals.

  • Replace lettuce with kraut on nachos or tacos.
  • Next time you prepare a stuffed pepper, fill it with kraut.
  • Use kraut to make a salad with a kick. Top it with an oil-based salad dressing.
  • Kraut Cupcakes! Replace high-fat butter and oil in a German chocolate cupcake recipe with kraut and applesauce.
  • How crazy do you want to get? Instead of a JagerBomb™, make a KrautBomb by combining 1 oz. Jagermeister™ and 3 oz. kraut juice. Prost!
  • For coleslaw or oriental salad, use drained and rinsed kraut to save yourself the time of chopping up cabbage.
  • Add rinsed kraut to fried rice for extra crunch.
  • Use rinsed kraut instead of coconut flakes in cookies and cakes.
  • Put kraut in stir-frys and egg rolls to give dishes a complex Asian flavor.
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Did you know?

It is a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition to eat kraut and pork on New Year’s Day for good luck.