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GLK Foods offers products that provide key attributes consumers seek – wholesale ingredients, convenient packaging, and of course great taste!

Crisp, tart, and healthy

Only the finest, domestic cabbage and select ingredients are used to make our naturally probiotic, preservative-free krauts. These are the freshest krauts possible in the perfect packaging, giving consumers the fermented products they want and the on-trend flavors they love.

Saverne® Raw Kraut

Delicious kraut continues to ferment naturally in resealable pouches featuring a groundbreaking, one-way fermentation valve. Consumers enjoy healthy benefits (probiotics, non-GMO, gluten-free, fat-free) in convenient packaging.

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Saverne® Organic

Our traditional recipes use domestic, organic cabbage from the ideal growing environment. It is then packaged in trusted and familiar shelf-stable glass jars.

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Cortland Valley® Organic

Certified organic and never pasteurized, our kraut has a full-bodied flavor and maintains the “friendly” cultures that are so vital for good digestive health. Poly bag packaging always keeps it crisp.

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Wholesome and delicious

Handcrafted in small batches, our artisanal krauts are available in on-trend flavors that consumers are demanding. Naturally fermented to promote good digestive health, this delicious source of antioxidants is available in gusseted pouches and glass jars to meet the needs of our consumers.

Saverne® Artisanal Kraut (stand-up pouch)

Flavor is king with Saverne® Artisanal Kraut. These stand-up pouches are resealable and easy to merchandise.

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Saverne® Artisanal Kraut (glass jar)

Convenient, healthy, and incredibly versatile, with four deliciously fermented flavors to choose from.

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Saverne® Raw Kraut (stand-up pouch)

The raw kraut revolution is on! Small-batch goodness combines with healthy probiotics to create a delicious, nutritious experience. The innovative vented pouch ensures product quality and performance.

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Simple, adaptable, and classic

The word is out on kraut – it’s wonderfully versatile! Enjoy it right out of the bag, as a tasty topping or as the secret ingredient in your favorite recipes.

Silver Floss Kraut®

The first choice of shoppers across the U.S., Silver Floss® shredded kraut is traditionally tart, while Bavarian has a hint of caraway for a sweet/mild taste. Available in cans, glass, or poly, Silver Floss® is non-GMO, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free.

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Flanagan and Cortland Valley® Kraut

Flanagan and Cortland Valley® Kraut offer the tart, great taste of traditional kraut in a refrigerated poly bag that adds crispness and convenience.

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Crunchy and convenient

Welcome to the next level in snacking! GLK Foods is continually looking for ways to bring innovative grab ‘n go products to market. Our pickled veggies provide mouthwatering tastes families love.

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Keeping it local

The cabbage we use to produce our kraut is sourced from a network of local family farmers within a 50 mile radius of our plant facility.